Sunday, April 8, 2007

Feeding the Creative Beast

In an earlier post, I told you about FreeCycle and how its members freely give away items they no longer need to others who may have need of them. I can't tell you how many items I have been able to acquire for my children, my parents and myself and the many more that I have been able to give away. This weekend my daughter and I were treated to an unexpected benefit of the generosity of my fellow Freecyclers.

I design greeting cards and gift boxes. I recently posted a request for rubberstamping supplies so I could explore this decorative medium without investing a lot of money up front. In response to my request, I was contacted by a lovely woman named Frances who not only generously offered to give me some supplies, she offered to teach me how to use them. She proposed a "play date" where we would meet, chat and stamp. Apparently she has been an avid stamper for some years now and is experienced in a variety of techniques. She and her sister Toby, another avid stamper, are members of online crafters groups, attend craft shows and regularly get together with others for rubber stamping "play dates". Essentially she had volunteered to become my mentor. The best part was that Frances lives five minutes away from me in the neighborhood where I grew up. How easy can it get?

My teenage daughter and I met Frances and Toby at Frances' house where there was an overwhelming array of crafting and rubber stamping tools, supplies and other paraphernalia as far as the eye could see. A short time later we were joined by another crafting friend, Linda, who brought a stash of her own favorite tools and stamps. From that point on, time flew by. For six hours we talked, we joked and we got to know one another, but most of all we stamped. It was evident that these women genuinely loved what they were doing and were having a ball passing that love on to others. I learned so much in that short time that I will be inspired for months to come. My daughter in particular really enjoyed herself. I know she's well on her way to being hooked on crafting. We all had a great time.

Later in the evening, Frances called me at home. She said, "I just wanted to tell you that you're the best thing I've ever gotten from FreeCycle."

Now I ask you... how great is that?

Ballo ergo sum
Always and All Ways,
- Gitana

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  1. Gitana,
    I was really lucky to have found your post of freecycle, as I told you you are the best thing I've gotten from there. Yes everything else has been good but not so special.
    It's a good thing tha tpeople like you & I don't have the same mondser as our spouses, I know mine was worried about my having a stranger come into my home to stamp. I've often told him fellow crafters aren't strangers, maybe just a little strange but thats what makes us unique.
    Toby & I talked about you and your daughter for hours after you left. Your crafting mind goes in so many directions and so fast it was wonderful. I know that we'll be playing often.