Sunday, October 7, 2007


Long and eventful is the only way to describe the day I have had today. I don't think there is any way to relate the tale other than to just launch into it.

I awoke after spending three days and nights nursing a low grade fever and an annoying case of diarrhea. I say annoying because it was not in any way debilitating but it kept me tied to the bathroom at least 20 minutes out of every hour. It didn't affect my appetite, just my bowels. I checked my email (between bathroom breaks) and while doing some online research for my thesis I discovered that some friends of mine had made it to the hallowed halls of YouTube and were featured dancing and drumming at the 2nd BiAnnual Bomba Research Conference in Chicago that took place Labor Day weekend. I had wanted to go but couldn't afford it and now I'm envious. Well, at least I've got some suitable candidates for my research interviews.

As if I have nothing else to do, I decided to create another blog. As I have mentioned in previous postings, I am an artistic creature whose creativity takes many different forms. I am currently designing specialty note cards and greeting cards and have successfully completed my first custom order. My new blog, called The Creative Diva, will be dedicated to my artistic endeavors and the creative process. As soon as I have it more fleshed out, I will provide a link on this page for easy access.

Later in the day, my gastric distress had abated somewhat so I spent the afternoon in the backyard with my husband picking apples. He was unusually industrious today (a fact that he will surely not let me forget until this time next year), and he decided he wanted to tackle our huge apple tree and bring down some of the beauties growing in the upper branches. This adventure ended with one pair of shorts split down the back seam (his) and one crate full of over 120 apples weighing just over 50 pounds. I don't have to tell you that I immediately started peeling apples for a pie and calling family and friends to come and take some. Between peeling apples, cooking dinner and stewing beans for future meals, I spent 5 hours in the kitchen, darting back and forth from the television during commercial breaks once my Sunday night lineup began. Those of you who watch Sunday night TV know what I mean.

Then came the capstone. My husband, who for some reason forgot he had had dinner, made a comment about wanting to eat. I immediately countered by telling him to put on his shoes and take a walk with me. (For those of you unfamiliar with this scenario, read my August posting entitled "Of Ice Cream and Summer Walks".) After an initial reaction of horror, he decided ice cream might not be a bad idea after all so we all decided to hit our local "Taste the Tropics", an ice cream parlor that serves all manner of creamy delights in authentic tropical flavors. As the hour was late, we abandoned the television and bolted for the car in the hope of catching the place while it was still open. As we rolled up to the store, an employee was locking the door from the inside but the inner lights were still on. We honked the horn to get his attention and I made pleading gestures from my window. The employee rolled his eyes and signalled us to enter. We cheered, piled out of the car and into the store, as gleeful as kids scoring forbidden treasure. This entire chain of events, from concept to storefront, took only 10 minutes. Amazing how motivating a sweet treat can be.

Later, as we slowly drove home contentedly licking our confections, I couldn't help thinking how happy we all felt and how this one simple, spontaneous act of caprice will probably be something we would remember fondly for many, many years. It was a great ending to a pretty darned good day, gastric issues notwithstanding.

Like I said once before, sometimes ya just gotta MAKE your moments.

Ballo ergo sum,
Always and All Ways,
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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