Thursday, March 12, 2009

Technology - Love it or Leave it

Ok, this posting is nothing more than frustrated venting. You have been duly warned.

We've all had technology-related sob stories about computer's gone wild and the like. As of this writing, I am wrestling with two email programs, one I want and one I don't. It seems Microsoft Outlook has hijacked the messages from my main email account and now all my mail is being automatically forwarded to Outlook. I was in the middle of a live chat with technical support, receiving instructions on the simple change of settings needed to remedy the situation when the connection failed and finally timed out. I can not reach live chat again until tomorrow and in the meantime my emails are residing in a strange mailbox. I am not happy.

There was a time when all this computer stuff was so simple for me to understand. Now it seems everything has become so complicated and convoluted. I want things simple. After all, I'm not creating the next feature length animated film or calculating the number of times quantum particles can split. I just want to check email and do some web-surfing. These days I have to ask my son to help me out with computer related issues. Seems like only yesterday I was teaching him how to navigate around a monitor with a mouse so he could play learning games. This role reversal is uncomfortable...not the part about him helping me but of me being unable to help myself. I feel totally out of the loop.

That's it. Nothing else. Like I said before, just venting.

Ballo ergo sum,
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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