Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Steely Resolve

Last year I had embarked on an elimination diet intended to free my body of toxins for the purpose of eliminating the various recurring infections I was suffering from. The diet worked very well. The recurring ear infections that were haunting me disappeared as did the maniacal vaginal itching that my gynecologist could not effectively treat for three years. It also took care of the peskiest and most embarrassing problem I suffered from...flatulence. I was as gassy as a blimp day and night. As long as I stayed on the diet none of these issues recurred. The ancillary benefit of this diet is I lost weight due to its strict nature. During the time I followed this regimen I lost 17 pounds and was able to wear clothes I hadn't worn in years.

In time I grew lazy and went off my diet. The pounds crept back and my flatulence and vaginal itching returned. I once again steeled my resolve and returned to a modified version of the diet. In the two weeks since I have been on the diet I am happy to report that I have lost five pounds and the bloating and itching are gone. I have passed a weight benchmark and am fixing my eyes on the next level down. Only 8 more pounds until I get there.

Years ago I had promised myself that when I reached 55 years of age I wanted to be remembered for the fabulous shape I was in. My mantra is "55 and fabulous". Well, my next birthday is number 55 and I'm on my way. Now if I could just eye that exercise machine with the same resolve.....

Ballo ergo sum,
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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  1. How wonderful for you that you listened to how your body was responding and are making the effort to get back to a point of well being. I too am on a mission to get healthier for multiple reasons but I find it difficult and am not strict enough with myself....I need to work on my resolve!